Migrating Solr 4.X Index data to Solr 5.X index

To upgrade your solr 4.X indexed data to Solr 5.X , run the following command

java -cp D:\solr-5.3.1\server\solr-webapp\webapp\WEB-INF\lib\* org.apache.lucene.index.IndexUpgrader D:\solr-4.4.0\example\solr\collection1\data\index

Here assuming "D:\solr-4.4.0\awc\solr\collection1\data\index" is the directory that contains indexed data that you want to upgrade to Solr 5.3.X.

After this you can copy your Solr 4.4.X colleciton / core directory (e.g. D:\solr-4.4.0\example\solr\collection1 in above command) to Solr 5.3.X home directory.

After copying to Solr5.3.X home directory, you will need to make few changes in the schema.xml and solrConfig.xml of your collection :

In your collection\conf\solrConfig.xml, comment out following :

In your collection\conf\schema.xml, change following, field values to include "Trie" Prefix