Often in the early phases of software development, one needs to design mock up screens. Having right tools can greatly reduce your development costs and efforts.

If you are like me bored with designing UI mockups with paintbrush, here is a good news:
try this free online tool: Balsamiq. You may also want to buy desktop / standalonne version of it.

Here is a sample design for google web page:

SWT,Swing,GWT Designer

Now if you want to design real UI using SWT, Swing, GWT etc. another great tool worth looking at is: WindowsProBuilder by

I recently used their "SWT designer" for one of my IDE development feature. Being not a regular UI developer, i found it hard to design UI with Code. So another great tool for reducing development time and cost. This tool reduced my developmenbt efforts from 2 weeks to just 2 days.
It also allows you to create UI elements for your Eclipse RCP application such as Views,Perspectives,Preference Pages.

This company is recently acquired by Google. It offered 14 day trial download of various UI design tools with full functionality. But after acquision, they have temporarily stopped downloads. Hopefully are available soon. Stay tuned.

Good news : SWT Designer is free now at google site details here :