Nightmares of nightly builds

If you are writing a dll for nt and nt64 bit platform here are some tips:

1. /clr:oldsyntax works on "nt" but fails to build on "nt64" bit platform. Use /clr:pure syntax instead.

2. /clr and /MTD options work fine in Debug mode. For release mode make sure you use /MD option.

3. when you add a resource file (.rc) to your vc project, it also generates resource.h. So make sure you checkin resource.h as well in your source control to avoid nightly build errors.

4. if you are using .vcproj file for "nt" platform, you may also need to create vcproj_9 for nt64 and you need to create this using visual studion 2008 or higher.

5. Make sure that you build your dll manually on both platforms before source control checkin.